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Parrot Gratitude

We parrots are birds of peace. It's not only doves that are working towards less conflict and violence - parrots too and the people who love them. Just last month parrots from all over the world convened to make some heavy decisions. You see, our kind is in real trouble; nearly half of all parrot species are endangered, largely to the wildlife trade that decimates parrot families and populations.

Our gathering began as a serious business meetings . It was hard work. One the one wing we have the trade-deniers who don't think the risk is so bad. These species of parrots largely come from areas where the trapping and extraction pressures are less intense. On the other hand, we had the alarmists (and boy can they get loud) are convinced that there won't be any more of us left in a few decades. Thank goodness both groups are parrot partiers at the core, so in the evenings we were able to relax, enjoy ourselves, and think gratefully about all that is being done on our behalf.

Talking about parrot partiers, there was a lot of buzz (okay, more like squawks) about One Earth Conservation's upcoming Parrot Holiday Party and Fundraiser in December. They are trying to raise funds for their multiple projects in the Americas. The effort is being led by their Co-directors Gail Koelln and LoraKim Joyner. Gail and LoraKim are totally gaga about the people and parrots of the Americas. Have you heard of them? Maybe you know LoraKim from the famous song by Gene Keller, "Parrot Girl?"

Or perhaps you know her best from her book, "Conservation in Time of War?" She and Gail go on speaking tours all the time trying to help us out.

LoraKim, who even changed her name to honor us (Lora means parrot in Spanish), will be delivering an inspirational message during the party. You have got to come listen to her! She has dedicated her life to parrot conservation, as both a wildlife veterinarian and minister. We asked her to come to our parrot conference this past October so we could be delighted with her stories, but she was working in the field, as usual. This time she had joined her" peeps" (again, more like squawks) in Honduras and Nicaragua working together to lessen the stress on flocks, habitats, and human communities.

We are so grateful that LoraKim will be in the USA in December so we can see her, and thank goodness the parrot communities of the Americas have Gail to co-host this parrot party. We plan to be there, will you?

If you'd like to come, there are still tickets left that you can obtain here along with more information.

Representatives of the Parrot Nations

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