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Parrot Researchers Group: A path to understanding, conservation, and love

Scientists, conservationists and field biologists are celebrating ten years of working together to better understand the lives of parrots and the threats they face. The Parrot Researchers Group (PRG) was born during the 25th International Ornithologists Congress in Campos de Jordão in Brazil (27 August 2010) with the mission of bringing together people working on parrots to fill some of the most important knowledge gaps for parrots. The group, which has over 400 members, works to promote parrot research, through providing a platform for discussion and the sharing of latest findings and through supporting the development of collaborative projects among the global community. Among its most important achievements, the group has facilitated regional reviews of research and conservation priorities for the world’s parrots, updating the global Parrot Action Plan published in 2000. The group has also fostered collaborations on a range of topics, ranging from the global distribution of parasites to international trade. Parrots are among the most threatened of all groups of birds and perhaps most importantly, the PRG is credited with fostering a collegial and supportive community of researchers and collaborators, working together to build the knowledge base needed to safeguard wild populations.

This members of this group have advanced the concerns of parrots everywhere and are important to the efforts of One Earth Conservation. As parrot conservationists we rely on a certain basic understanding of these species to promote their welfare and to engage in conservation measures, and the PRG has been indespensible.

Membership is usually made by invitation or special request, and we have a brief application process if you wish to be a member. You can also find us here: Instagram:

We thank the members and founders of this group and look forward to many more years of networking and mutual support.


LoraKim Joyner

Co-Director One Earth Conservation

Acting Secretary, Parrot Researchers Group

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