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Prion: A Science-Fiction Thriller to Help you in Hard Times

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic initiated unprecedented hard times around the world, on top of already existing challenges and difficulties! The scale of problems to be addressed can be overwhelming. Where do we begin to improve our own lives and those of others, when so much at a very fundamental level needs to change?

To help answer this question, we suggest reading One Earth Conservation’s newly released novel, Prion: A futuristic fable of parrots, pandemics, and promise-makers. Within its pages you will find romance, adventure, hard science, plotting parrots, a race to stop a perilous pandemic, and a hint of zombies. Its pages promise to thrill and leave with you a sense of hope for the future.

Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner wrote the book not just to offer release from the pressures of life, but also to raise awareness of the story of parrots and the people with whom they live. The book offers a picture of what the world looks like when there is justice, equity, and compassion for all. In this futuristic world the parrots talk, the people listen, and then they make promises to one another.

It could happen! It is happening, all over the world in pockets here and there. With One Earth Conservation’s parrot projects we are trying to make that future happen now.

We are being like the parrots, who are seed dispersers. They carry large seeds as they fly (sometimes unintentionally dropping them), eat and poop out seeds, and plant new trees. Without them we would not have the biodiversity the earth needs. They are the farmers of the forest, as we all are the farmers of the future.

By reading this book and recommending it to others you are dispersers of a hopeful message in hard times. Also, as all proceeds go directly to helping parrots, your purchase of this book is doubly helpful. Together we can make a more promising future. Thank you for helping to make it so.

With the book you will also enjoy the fantastic art of Dr. Pat Latas, who graciously donated her skills and creative ability to bring the bird characters to life, as well as the heart and hope of Jane Edwards, the primary editor who brought out the best of the feathered and non-feathered heroes in the story. There were countless others who helped get the book to you, and we thank them, each and everyone.

You can purchase the book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle, and on December 18th and 19th you can get the book for free on Kindle so we can share our celebration of the hard work of so many.


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